Industry Understanding

Customer service is one of the driving factors for consumers to spend money with a company in any economy. Customer service is a key building block to the success of any company. Industry leaders dominate their space through their ability to attract and retain customers. 

Nearly two in five consumers believe that, in this current economy, businesses pay less attention to providing good customer service. This is a significant increase over past studies (38% vs 32% in 2012, and 26% in 2011).  Additionally, the percent of consumers who believe businesses have increased their focus on providing good customer service declined from 32% in 2011, and 29% in 2012. (Source: American Express 2014 Global Customer Service Barometer).

The first step to great customer service is understanding your customers’ experience. At Your Service Consulting uses a comprehensive approach to evaluating the performance of your service employees. We will train your employees to complete sales efficiently, as well as manage difficult customers with ease.

Our Approach

At Your Service Consulting uses a hands-on approach to assess the needs of our client’s current customers to understand their experience. We determine the highs and lows of the customer experience for our clients.

Our firm will also conduct employee evaluations on behalf of clients. At Your Service Consulting will confidentially survey the service personnel in your call centers, contact centers and service centers to determine if they have the proper training to meet your customers’ expectations. We want to gain their trust so we can better understand their challenges, while celebrating their successes.

Our approach is designed to demonstrate the value of excellent customer service and how it impacts your bottom line. However, a culture of excellence must begin at the top of any company.

Before we train your employees, At Your Service Consulting will train your organization’s executive and leadership teams. Based on the results, our team will design a plan to improve the external customer experience, as well as give your internal customers something to smile about.

We provide on-site workshops, training sessions, seminars and webinars. Other enhancement tools include manuals, e-books, and guidebooks to sharpen the skills of your customer service employees.

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