Meeting, Exceeding, and Resetting Customer Expectations

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Meeting, Exceeding, and Resetting Customer Expectations

Mar BlogMeeting and Exceeding Expectations
Set the standard of service for your organization. One way to do this is to break down the product and service offers into various levels. Each plan meets different expectations and must be established based on your customer’s basic needs at that level. You need to deliver a “wow” experience that your customer always remembers. A memorable experience is bound to be shared with others. Customers readily use social media when they have a good/bad experience. When a recommendation goes viral, the company benefits, the value of the brand increases, and business is boosted. Create a positive customer experience worth sharing!

Resetting Expectations
No matter the amount of effort put forth there will be times when you are just not able to please every customer. It’s just the nature of business! The recommended way to do damage control is to acknowledge that you erred and are willing to make amends for the mistake, thus resetting the customer expectations. The most effective action is to make amends the moment you realize your mistake. Proactively correcting an error shows the customer how valuable their business is to you.

No matter the size of your organization, the customer is a key factor for business success. As your business grows, it may not be possible for you to offer the same personalized, one on one service as you did before. Your loyal customers feel as though they are receiving sub-standard service. Here again, a proactive response is best. Using your standard communication methods, express to long-time customers that their business still means a lot to your organization. Redirect your customers with kindness and appreciation as to how your interactions with them will need to change. Here again, you are able to reset expectations while most likely maintaining the level of business you have come to enjoy.

Customers should continuously be educated on the service levels that they should expect going forward as the company structure changes. The good news is that your customers understand that the company structure will change from time to time due to growth. They simply ask that you clearly and proactively communicate with them as changes affecting how you do business occur.

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