“Survey Says” … Requesting Feedback from Customers

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“Survey Says” … Requesting Feedback from Customers

SurveySaysOne solid way to improve customer satisfaction is to develop a method of surveying your customers to discover their needs. Implementing customer satisfaction surveys also allows you to improve your business’s performance and customer experience. Surveys can be used to find out what your customers like, what they don’t like, if a new product idea is just the thing they’ve been waiting for or if you should shelf the notion.

What type of survey should my company use? The most effective method of surveying your customer base will be the one that utilizes your established methods of communication. Telecom businesses will want to add an optional post-call survey for all callers. You may also consider auto-caller or live-person services that will call your customers and ask a list of pre-written questions. E-commerce companies can utilize third-party services such as Survey Monkey, Survey Gizmo, or Google Forms to create and distribute email/online surveys. In our mobile-focused society, businesses with a mobile-friendly online presence can utilize survey apps to generate pop-ups and capture responses made via cell phones and tablets. Many third-party services have a multi-level payment plan, some with a free or trial offer option. Some research is required to determine what service best suits your company’s needs.

Service providers will generate reports on all data collected that can guide you into the areas your customers believe you need to improve upon (and the ones you already excel in). Consider this feedback as you continue to improve your services. Thanking customers for their feedback is more than a one-time message stating we appreciate your time and value your opinion. Communicate to customers any changes you have made based on their responses to your survey questions. This encourages them to continue to submit feedback and can inspire customer loyalty.

Our pre-survey is designed to gauge your customer’s current level of satisfaction. Contact us today.

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