“Yes, I Can”!!

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“Yes, I Can”!!

Yes, I can!Customers are the bread and butter of business – this cannot be overstated. Cultivating a culture of customer satisfaction is the only sure way to remain in business. There are always opportunities for flexibility with your customers when their requests are out of the ordinary. Your employees should be keyed into the areas in which your company is able to be flexible in offering the customer what they have asked for or what may be offered in exchange. Paramount to this is tactfully explaining why another option is necessary to fulfill the customer’s need.

Customers want to feel like they are the ones in control. Teach your staff how to acquiesce to the customer’s desire when they can, say no when they must, and offer something else when it is possible. Design a script for such occasions that maintains professionalism and meets the goal of satisfying your customer. Consider providing your personnel with a list of low-cost or surplus items that can be offered in place of other products. Perhaps an account credit, in-store gift card, or add-on item is appropriate. Decide in advance what works best for your business and don’t be afraid to give to your customers what they have not asked for.

There will be times when a customer makes a request that your business simply cannot comply with. If you have to give a hard no for to any reason, give customers a solution that can overshadow the no and make it sound like a yes. Don’t burden customers with policies and rule books because they don’t really care. Simply explain that you cannot accommodate that particular request. When you are unable to give them what they want, give them what you can and give it in such a way that it seems more reasonable.

At the end of the business day, customers want to feel as though they’ve spent their money wisely and maximized every penny. Business owners should feel a sense of pride that they were able to meet the need of the customer and left the door open for repeat business.

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