March Momentum

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March Momentum

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March is an important turning point on our calendar. It marks the beginning of the Spring season, we “Spring Forward” and lose one hour of sleep, college basketball fans are poised to witness the outcome of March Madness, many celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, and business owners will prepare for the end of the first fiscal quarter. By the end of the month we’ve probably laughed, cried, and celebrated multiple times. With all of these variables in play how can you prepare your business to maintain the momentum you’ve built this quarter?

Once you build momentum, nurture it. Be active and deliberate in capitalizing on the fanfare and recognition your business is getting. Keep track of what you’ve done successfully and what marketing ideas could use improvement. Entering the second business quarter is a great time to launch a new product, open in a new marketplace or enter new territory. There’s a popular saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Rather, if it’s working well use it to your advantage. Review the next step in your expansion plan and put it into play.

Continually resetting the bar will keep you and your team from becoming complacent. In business, as in sports, momentum can shift in an instant.  How many times have we seen an odd’s on favorite fall to a lower-ranked opponent because the underrated team played with more passion? Momentum was built because you desired it, you planned for it, and you worked for it. Once you’ve hit your goal, go after your next, greater goal.

A note of caution, balance raising the bar with the time needed to recuperate from the previous effort. Allow yourself, your team, and even your customers a moment to breathe between campaigns. You don’t want any of your major players to burn out in the middle. The key is to focus on reenergizing for the next push, not relaxing and losing pace.

Whether your March has come in like a lion or a lamb, your annual SMART goals will keep you positioned to maintain the momentum you’ve gained. You worked hard to gain market share, expand brand recognition, and improve customer relations. Take a moment to reward yourself for a job well done, then get after it again with renewed excitement and motivation.


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