The Door is Open: Knowing your customers and their needs

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The Door is Open: Knowing your customers and their needs

Open Office DoorThe sign has been hung. The invitations sent. You’ve opened the doors to your business. Whether this took place last month or 10 years ago, knowing your customers and their needs is imperative to your company’s growth and sustainability.

No matter what industry you represent, customer service is a key to your success. From the first smile and hello of your reception staff to the last smile and have a nice day from your sales clerks, customer service is the magnet that will attract return business. In today’s consumer driven market, a business can increase or decrease by its reputation for customer service. A 2013 survey by American Express showed that great customer service is not about what consumers think, it’s about how they feel.

To ensure that your business stays the course remember to include a personal touch with every interaction. Use their name and make eye contact. Despite perceived trends toward technology and impersonal interactions, your customers do appreciate a kind word and offer of assistance when they step into a place of business.

Encourage your reception team to provide a moment for your customer to acclimate themselves to your interior layout, before greeting them warmly. Tele-businesses should allow a few moments for the line to fully connect before greeting the caller with the business represented and agent’s name. Basic employee training around tone of voice or body language can assist your staff in accurately assessing the hands-on or hands-off disposition of the current customer.

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